Playlist: music that invokes the themes, emotions, or characters from the Convergence series.

Disclaimer: I do not own the music below. I did not write it/create it. I make no profit from the below artists works. The rights to the below music belong to their respective creators. This is just for fun.

So what do I listen to when I write? Nothing. I listen to nothing because just about any sound is a major distraction when I’m writing, but, I do listen to a ton of music when I’m not writing. It just so happens there are a few songs on my personal playlist, that when they come on, they make me think of some of the characters that I’ve written for the Convergence series. I feel the below songs fit some of the characters either in tone or in lyrical composition (or both). Maybe not 100%, obviously, some of these lyrics aren’t going to match precisely, but overall when I hear these songs, they make me think of the characters.

FAIR WARNING: I listen to Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. If you hate Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, you’re not going to like ANY of these below songs, so, probably don’t bother. But, if you like Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, or, at the very least, if you have eclectic tastes in music, or, maybe, an open mind, then I definitely recommend you give these songs a listen.

For Halea, I’ve chosen the instrumental version of Megadeth’s She-wolf. I think this song conveys a tone that really makes me imagine Halea and her life’s struggles, as well as her desire to find her place among the lycans. Now, if you listen to the lyric version of She-wolf, it would actually be a more appropriate song for Otsana because the lyrics describe, admittedly, a more antagonistic she-wolf.

For Lord Anshar, I’ve chosen Iced Earth’s I Died For You. The melancholy tone matches Lord Anshar perfectly, and the lyrics are about 95% accurate for his character.

For Batsuba, I’ve chosen The Sword’s Maiden, Mother & Crone. This is probably the heaviest of these character playlist songs, so if you barely tolerated the heavy sound of the previous two, you may not manage this one. The tone for the character might be a little off, but the lyrics seem pretty close in the way they convey the wisdom of a woman/women who is maiden, mother, and crone, and, as a bonus, I feel the music video portrays an accurate tone for Batsuba’s character. So I’d recommend watching, as well as listening, to this one.

For Varg, honestly, I struggled with this one. The song I’ve chosen is a melancholy love song by Symphorce called Crawling Walls For You and I feel like it conveys the right tone, but the lyrics just aren’t quite right. I may update this one and add a better song later, should I ever find one, but for now this is the best song representation I’ve found for Varg, so far.

As more characters develop during the series, I may add more songs to this character playlist. I do have a few in mind, but I’ll wait until the series progresses more before I include them.

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