Pronunciation of Names

Here are the pronunciations for some of the names of the characters from the Convergence series. These are not all the names from the series. Most of the names, especially the lycans, are the word “wolf” in various European languages, of which I cannot claim to be an expert on pronunciation, so if you’re curious about any of those, online sources are probably fairly accurate. If there are any names from the series not listed below that you’re unsure of how to pronounce, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll add them to this list.

Halea = Ha-LEE-ah (three syllables, emphases on the middle syllable).
Varg = VarG (one syllable, hard G) Hear Norweigen pronunciation here.
Anshar = Ann-Shar. Name is from Sumerian mythology, so even I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but that’s how I’ve imagined it for this story.
Theia = Thee-ah.
Uro = Urr-oh.
Therian = There-ee-ann. Short for Therianthrope. A humanoid being that changes into an animal form.
Tiamet = Tee-ah-met. Spelling and pronunciation changed from the Sumerian Tiamat.
Samesa = Sa-me-sa.
Kalee = Kah-Lee.
Batsuba = Bat-sue-BA.
Úlfa = Ool-fa. Hear Icelandic pronunciation here.

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