Origin of Names

On the origin of names:

I do admit to making up some names for this series, but most of the names come from mythology, or European languages, or are some spelling variation of the aforementioned.

Tiamet – is a variation on Tiamat, who was an ancient Babylonian dragon goddess of creation and chaos, who uh…died because the storm-god Marduk…er…farted down her throat…yeah…some myths are weird. Don’t ask me. In more recent adaptations Tiamat is usually depicted as a malevolent dragon goddess of chaos, hence why I decided to change the spelling of her name. I wanted a dragon goddess, but I wanted her to be benevolent, and also, preferably not die by fart, so in modifying her name, I was hoping to somewhat distance her from the very loose inspiration from which she came. The mythology that I have created for Tiamet in the Convergence series is mostly of my own creation, but I did borrow a few small things; such as her mate being Abzu, having a daughter named Lahamu, and, of course, a grandson named Anshar.

Lord Anshar – As mentioned above, Anshar is the actual mythological name of the grandson of Tiamat, the Babylonian dragon goddess. The name Anshar means “whole heaven,” and in the Convergence series he carries the divine powers of Tiamet and is the head of the faith for those who worship the dragon goddess. The rest of his character is wholly of my creation.

Halea (3 syllables Ha-lee-ah) – is a feminized spelling variation on the name Helios, who was the personification of the sun in Greek mythology. The mother of Helios was the titan Theia, and Theia’s father was Uranus. For the convergence series, I kept Theia as Halea’s mother’s name, but changed Uranus to Uro, and made him a paternal grandfather, instead of a maternal one. So now you know the origins of Halea, Theia, and Uro.

Varg – Is Norwegian for “wolf.” But, the wolf names don’t end there. Bledig, Aatu, Faolan, Bardolph, Rafe, Otsana, Bertolf, Ethelwolf, Lyall, Hemming, Daciana, Fillin, Adolpha, Ula, Ulrica, Marrok, Ralphina, Fenris, and Úlfa are all names that mean “wolf” in one European language or another. Only three lycans have names that don’t mean “wolf,” Batsuba, Valria (Varg’s mother), and Daisy. Yes, I am aware of how lame it was for me to literally name almost every lycan Wolf. I have no shame. I am a terrible person.

Some names are conventional names, or spelling modified versions of such, and then there are the names that are completely of my creation: Valria, Samesa, Jance, Kalee, Denji, Favion, Codeon, and Batsuba.

I am also not responsible for the creation of the name Therian. Therian is short for Therianthrope, which is actually an occurrence in mythology when one can shape-shift between human and animal (or mythical beast). Lycan is short for Lycanthrope, which is, specifically, when one can change shape between human and wolf.

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