Cut Scene (A bonus for signed paperback purchase!)

If you purchase a signed paperback of ANY of the books in the Convergence series, you will gain access to an exclusive bonus cut scene. You can find signed copies of the Convergence series at my Etsy shop.

The events of this bonus chapter take place during book 3, so if you haven’t read Wolfmother, please do not proceed to this bonus content until you have read the complete series.

This cut scene chapter is called “Alone in the Dark,” and it was written at the request of many of my dear first draft readers. Quite a few of my reader’s ship Lord Anshar and Halea (#TeamAnshar), and thus I wrote this little cut scene where those two actually get together, but the events only take place in Lord Anshar’s mind (during his confinement within the dark mirror). As we already know from Book 2, Lord Anshar likes to imagine things that never happened (poor woobie). So I decided to write a very explicit…er…wet dream? Mental episode? Trip down crazy lane? Whatever you want to call it, it’s basically Lord Anshar’s imagination running wild, mixed in with a bunch of his usual angst and madness.

Is this cut scene canon?

Yes and No. It doesn’t add or subtract anything from the plot because it all takes place in Lord Anshar’s crazy mind, and his dirty, dirty thoughts are all his own.

Read “Alone in the Dark.

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