PaperBlanks 2020 Planner Review


Last year I bought my 2019 planner in February of 2019. Yeah, that was kind of a mistake. You see, if you don’t buy your planner before the year it starts, all the best planners sell out, and they don’t keep making more. Whatever’s leftover is all there is, so my options were limited, but I still really wanted a beautiful paper planner to carry in my purse. And while I absolutely LOVE my PaperBlanks 2019 Safavid planner, which I reviewed in the spring, it did have one major flaw – it was too big and heavy. All the smaller planners, which I would have preferred, had long-since been sold out. This year I wanted to avoid that problem and buy my 2020 planner as soon as PaperBlanks released their latest designs.

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