Signed hardbacks with the new covers are here!

Signed hardbacks are selling out quickly. This is the 2nd batch of inventory that I’ve had to order for my Etsy store because the first batch sold out before I could even announce the signed hardbacks on my official site.

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Signed paperbacks with the new covers are here!


Signed paperbacks with the brand new Convergence series covers are now available in my Etsy shop.

If you purchase any signed book from the Convergence series, you’ll also receive a QR code for a bonus cut scene featuring everyone’s favorite sexy villain – Lord Anshar.

Purchases over $35 ship within the US for FREE.

Hardbacks and signed hardbacks will be coming soon! Maybe sometime in late January or early February. Subscribe to this blog or follow my Instagram for updates to know when hardbacks and signed hardbacks become available.




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Erotic Fiction – When is there too much sex in a novel?


Many writers will write an erotic or explicit scene at some point in time, and many ask themselves – is this really necessary? Perhaps you’re writing a steamy scene to attract a target audience. Perhaps you’re writing it because it’s important to the plot or character development. Or perhaps you’re writing it because it gets you off.

Hey, I ain’t gonna judge!

No matter the reasoning as to ‘why‘ people write erotic fiction, one thing is obvious; a novel tends to lose it’s credibility as serious literature the moment it crosses the arbitrary line into ‘overtly pornographic’ for the sake of just being erotic, and nothing else.

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