My Policy on Fanfiction

If you want to write any fanfiction based off my work, all I ask is that you adhere to my policy below:

  1. Do not steal my work and present it as your own. Do not claim that you are me or take credit for my original works. If you are writing a fanfiction inspired by my work, please acknowledge that I, J.M. Riddles, am the original story’s creator/copyright holder.
  2. Do not attempt to profit from my original work. You can write all the fanfics based on my work that you want for fun and for free, but don’t you dare monetize ANYTHING based on my copyrighted works.
  3. If you wish to write fanfiction based on any of my stories or characters, you are free to do ANYTHING you like with them. ANYTHING. You can write kinky shit. You can gay up all my characters. You can change the settings, physical descriptions, personalities; I don’t care. As long as you aren’t profiting or taking credit for any of the original canon work created by me, I don’t care. Have fun. Be dirty. Be weird.
  4. Please include an honest copyright disclaimer such as this one: “The rights to (insert original story title here) belong to J.M. Riddles. I make no profit from this work of fanfiction.”

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