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Now if you’ve seen my previous review on my favorite pens, you’ll know that I LOVE stationery and office supplies. That love also extends to Planners.

Fun fact, I have consistently kept a planner ever since I was 13 years old. Nevermind how old I am now, but let’s just say I’ve been keeping a planner for a very long time. (God, I’m old!). For countless ages…er I mean years, I always kept my schedule organized in a paper planner that I carried on my person wherever I went. (Usually lovingly customized with fiesta colored pens, random doodles, and bizarre stickers, but dammit that’s how I rocked!). Then in 2015, I decided it was time to give up my beloved paper planner which took up space and added weight to my already overloaded purse, and I decided to keep my schedule digitally on the planner widget that came with my Samsung phone. From 2015 until recently, that was the only planner I carried.

But it just wasn’t the same.

I missed writing in a planner with my fancy ass pens in my fancy ass cursive writing that I don’t get to use anywhere else because nobody can fucking read script anymore. (Yes, I’m salty about that!) I missed shopping for a new planner every year and picking a super cute one. I missed doodling random “to-do” things just for the sake of something to do while stuck waiting in random places. I missed whipping out a planner when someone asks me if I’m free, flipping pages, and then quickly closing it again so I can pretend like there was actually something scheduled so I can get out of uncomfortable social obligations, but look really professional while doing it. (Stop judging me!)

I would eye-hump every store display with fancy journals and new planners and long for the old days, until finally – I cracked!

Fuck it! I want my paper planner back! I don’t care if it’s heavy and bulky and makes my purse feel like a sack of bricks. I want my god damn paper planner!

So recently, I caved. Of all the many planners I’ve been eye-humping of late, the planners I liked the most were from Paperblanks. If you’ve ever perused the stationery and journal section of your local Barnes and Noble or Half Priced Books, you’ve probably seen some journals from Paperblanks. They’re usually designed to look “old-timey” with faux filigree and other patterns reminiscent of some ancient tomb worthy of a Benedictine monk, but their primary market demographic is pretentious hipsters who like to spend too much money on what just amounts to a bunch of bound paper. I guess I am one of those splurgy hipsters and I’m not even sorry about it. I used to buy Paperblanks blank journals all the time. I would use them as very fancy over-priced notebooks for work. And I think I did use a few blank journals for planners and just drew my own calendar and added my own dates inside, but that was before it was somewhat easier to find actual Paperblanks printed planners. In most stores, they only sell the blank journals, but I wanted an actual planner, with a proper calendar and lines to organize my tasks and schedule and for some reason, most stores never carry those, so I had to go online.

One of my problems with Paperblanks is that you can’t order directly from them, you have to go through one of their distributors; a brick and mortar store, or one of their affiliated online retailers. I chose LoveNotebooks because, unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to buy a 2019 planner in February. Yeah, the thing about planners is, it’s best to buy them in December, January at the latest. Companies usually don’t keep printing and making new panners too far into the year for which you should have already acquired your planner. By now Paperblanks is probably already planning out the designs for their 2020 planners and whatever is left of 2019 is the leftovers. A lot of the cute designs I would have preferred had already been snatched up and sold out and will not be sold again, at least not for this year. Thankfully, LoveNotebooks had one, just one (because I literally snatched the last one they had) planner left in the design and size I liked (actually, I would have preferred a slightly smaller planner, but I waited too long and had to settle for whatever was left of the larger ones).

Mine is the 5×7″ Safavid 2019 design. There were dragons on it, that’s all I needed. These are the specs from LoveNotebooks:

-Hard Cover 5″ x 7″
-2019 Planner
-Page Layout Day-at-a-Time Format
-368 pages
-Handbound & smythe sewn planner opens flat
-Acid free sustainable forest paper
-Magnetic flap closure
-Memento pouch on the inside back cover
-Two ribbon place markers
-100% recycled European binder boards
-Hi-opaque paper lessens ink show through
-An exceptionally smooth writing surface that takes ink and different writing instruments very well

“Each Paperblanks 2019 Planner has the following additional features:”

-Monthly planners for 2019
-North American Holidays and celebrations
-International holidays for 2019
-Useful phone numbers and websites
-International emergency numbers and country codes
-Clothing sizes, measurements, and temperature conversion tables
-World time zones
-Page for travel planning, birthdays and other important dates
-Pages for notes
-Year planner for 2020
-Holidays and celebrations for 2020
-Removable address book insert

The planner provides spacious room for writing your tasks, and additional pages for notes and a few other useful sections within that are nice to have. The address book is actually a removable addition, so if you don’t want to keep a paper address book (which, most of us do keep that stuff on our phones these days), you do have the option of taking it out. There’s a flap in the back where you can store things like notes, stamps, the address book the planner includes, and any other flat items you’d like to tuck inside. The planner has two ribbon placeholders; one in orange and one in gold/beige. The planner closes with a magnetic clasp that is sturdy and doesn’t pop open unless you want it to. The paper is of good quality, heavy weight, in a cream color that compliments the cover colors. Fair warning, though it is a heavy weight paper it is not impervious to bleed-through if you use things like a fountain pen (which I do), so these pages may work better with a ball-point, but I’ll just live with the bleed-through because I’m all about my fountain pens. I’m not giving them up – fight me!

This planner retails for around $19, but because I had to order mine online I paid about $24 with shipping, so yes, they are pretty pricey, BUT, I don’t regret it. I LOVE this planner. It’s beautiful, it’s sturdy, well made, and it’s going to be my new best friend throughout all of 2019. I am going to take this planner with me wherever I go, and it’s going to be my constant companion, and if I have to take something with me wherever I go, I might as well take something cute. I’m happy every time I look at or use my new planner, so for me, it’s well worth the cost. If you’re interested in getting a Paperblank planner, there aren’t many left, and only at a few select online retailers who are linked through the Paperblanks website (and maybe a few on Amazon). I highly recommend them if you want something stylish, but don’t make my mistake, shop for your planners in December, so you have a better selection to choose from.

FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were bought and paid for with my own money. I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Paperblanks, LoveNotebooks or any other planner manufacturers. All opinions expressed in this review are the honest and fair impressions of myself, the consumer.

BONUS STATIONERY PORN: Someone just got some sexy new letter writing paper! Yes, I still write snail mail letters. I TOLD YOU I’M FUCKING OLD!

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