Busy AF


True story, when I was typing the title of this article, I accidentally typed “Busty” instead of Busy.

But enough of my Freudian slips, how about an update on the exciting life and times of your humble author?

I’m just going to ignore the sound of chirping crickets.

Autumn has been nice, life has been sucky, and I have been a busy little bee. For those of you who aren’t aware, I have 100% finished Blood Bound, book 2 of the Convergence series and I have an absolute SHIT-TON of work to do before I start on book 3.

So far~

-I’ve done the first major full edit of book 2.
-I’ve rustled up a half-dozen or so new beta readers for the series. (You guys are awesome, btw!)(Also, if you’d like to beta, hit me up. There’s no such thing as too many betas, and I return the favor!)
-Made a new blog post (see previous post)

Now I still have to~

-Return the favor by beta reading for others
-Do a 2nd major edit on book 2 (I’m about 1/3 on that)
-Write a dozen more blogs (I like to write ahead)
-Write my new horror short story (I’m about 1/3 on that)
-Have book 2 professionally proofread
-Format and publish book 2 (I’m hoping to announce the official release date as being sometime in mid to late winter)
-Commision cover art for book 3 (Yes, I still haven’t got that cover yet)
-Book 3 synopsis (God I hate writing these!!)
-Finalize plot outline for book 3 (I have a basic outline, but I plan to refine and make a much more detailed plot outline, especially once I get the feedback from my beta readers)
-Start writing book 3

So, yes, all the things. I am literally working on ALL the things.

Please send help.

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2 Replies to “Busy AF”

  1. Can I ask, who proofreads your books? I had a really bad experience with an editor and proofreader, so I’m looking for a new one
    Incidentally, I really enjoy writing synopses! I use the Snowflake method; it helps me develop my characters and interweave all their individual plotlines together

    1. It’s all been me up until now. I am planning to hire a proofreader to help me with Book 2 of my series. I haven’t found one yet though. I know it’s hard finding reliable help that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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