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Last year I bought my 2019 planner in February of 2019. Yeah, that was kind of a mistake. You see, if you don’t buy your planner before the year it starts, all the best planners sell out, and they don’t keep making more. Whatever’s leftover is all there is, so my options were limited, but I still really wanted a beautiful paper planner to carry in my purse. And while I absolutely LOVE my PaperBlanks 2019 Safavid planner, which I reviewed in the spring, it did have one major flaw – it was too big and heavy. All the smaller planners, which I would have preferred, had long-since been sold out. This year I wanted to avoid that problem and buy my 2020 planner as soon as PaperBlanks released their latest designs.

PaperBlanks Planner 2020

PaperBlanks’ 2020 planners officially went on sale in late August, but some online retailers had them listed on their websites a few weeks before their sale went live. This year I purchased my PaperBlanks 2020 Peacock Punk mini planner from I was able to receive an email notification as soon as the planner I wanted officially went up for sale and I bought mine within minutes of receiving my email. Peacock Punk is 3.75″ x 5.5″ ($16.95+ Shipping), whereas the Safavid design I bought for 2019 is 5″ X 7″ ($19+ Shipping).

Here is a picture of the two planners side-by-side for comparison.

The Peacock Punk is smaller, thinner, and noticeably lighter, which is great because as much as I loved the Safavid, it was a real brick to carry around in my purse.

But, there are some negatives to be mentioned. As you can probably tell from the above picture, the mini planners do not have a magnetic closure, and depending on how your purse is arranged, your pages might get rumpled if you don’t have a designated pocket specifically reserved for just your planner. The other negative of the mini planners is that the covers are soft and flexible cardboard (which can be bent and damaged), whereas the larger planners have an unbendable hardcover. The flimsy nature of the cover on the mini planner makes the quality feel much cheaper, but considering the mini Peacock Punk planner only cost $2 less than the larger Safavid, I feel like PaperBlanks could afford to have given it a higher quality hardcover and a magnetic closure just like their larger planners. I recall buying PaperBlanks mini journals with hardcovers and magnetic enclosures in the past. I’m not sure if they stopped doing this for all their mini products, or just the planners. Also, the larger Safavid included a removable address book, whereas the mini Peacock Punk’s address book is printed into the back pages. As someone who doesn’t really need an address book, I do like the Safavid’s option for removing it, but that’s a minor complaint. Be aware that on the Jenni Bick website the address book is listed as “separate booklet for addresses,” this is incorrect, it is not separate (unless you want to get some scissors and cut the address book pages out of there). Because the Safavid had 368 pages, and the mini Peacock Punk only has 160, there are also far fewer pages for notes.

Both planners have 2 ribbon bookmakers, and a small pocket in the back cover for storing notes. The design on both is etched into the covers and is textured to the touch.

These are the specs from Jenni Bick for the Peacock Punk 2020 mini planner:

-MINI measures 3.75″ x 5.5″ | 95 x 140 mm
-Dated January 2020 – December 2020
-Week at a view horizontal layout
-160 Pages
-Flexible softcover and spine
-Monthly calendars, year planner, note pages
-Helpful info like conversion tables, International holidays, time zones
-Pocket in back for loose notes
-2 Bound-in bookmarks
-80 gsm acid-free paper, FSC certified
-Separate booklet for addresses (Incorrect information)

Overall, I love my new 2020 mini planner from PaperBlanks. I do wish the cover were as nice as the Safavid, especially considering the price is almost the same, but I think having a lighter and smaller planner for easy carrying is worth the trade-off.

FTC Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were bought and paid for with my own money. I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Paperblanks, Jenni Bick, or any other planner manufacturers. All opinions expressed in this review are the honest and fair impressions of myself, the consumer.

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