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3/9/19 – 5/31/19

Are you a book review blogger? Do you like steamy high-fantasy romance? Now you can get book two of the Convergence series as a free ARC in exchange for a review. Haven’t read Torn Apart Book 1 yet? Book 1 is also free right now! Get them both in either epub, mobi, or pdf from NetGalley, Prolific Works, or Booksprout.

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Blood Bound (Book 2 of Convergence) on NetGalley, Prolific Works, or Booksprout.
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Additional information: Pre-orders begin 4/2/19. Official launch 5/4/19. If you review for your blog, please also submit your review to Goodreads as it really helps an author out. Reviews submitted to Goodreads or posted on blogs are appreciated before launch but also still welcome after the book has been officially released.

NOTE: If you’ve already bought or read book 1 or 2 of Convergence and enjoyed the series, please considering heading over to Goodreads (Book 1/Book 2) or Amazon (Book 1) and leaving a review. As an indie author, every review is appreciated, and it helps to promote the success of the series, and it allows me to continue to keep writing the stories you love.

Project Updates 5/5/17


I have officially completed writing Book 1 of the Convergence Series (Torn Apart). 30 chapters! (Well 29 + the Prologue) at 115k words. It took me 3 months and 5 days to complete the entire book ๐Ÿ˜€ I am going to take a little break from writing for the next 2-3 days then I’m going to get started on Book 2 in the series which will be titled “Blood Bound.” I’ll still only be uploading just one chapter a week (every Friday). Sorry to slow-walk you guys, but at least take comfort in knowing that with the story completed you won’t be left hanging and if you’re patient eventually the story will be up in its entirety for you to read.

Torn ApartTorn Apart (Convergence Series Book 1)
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Werewolf, Action, Adventure, Angst

The dimension of Chaos seeks to converge with their world, and the only way to stop it – is with blood. A powerful priestess must sacrifice everything to protect her world from the coming of this great destruction, but when her childhood friendship with the Lycanthrope, Varg, blossoms into love when they are reunited as adults, how will she choose? Will she fulfill her destiny to fight against the great convergence, or will she sacrifice everything to be with the Wolf King who loves her? In a world of magic, demons, and shapeshifters, will they be united, or will they be torn apart?

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