Current Projects

On this page, you can find the status of stories that I am currently in the process of writing as well as other writing-related projects that I’m currently working on.

Updated as of 2/4/2019

Convergence Series – Book 2 – Blood Bound: Status 100% completed. 1st major edit – done. Currently working on the 2nd major edit. Working with beta readers, then proofing, then formatting, then official publication. I’m thinking of getting a NetGalley account, so I can supply people with ARCs, which might delay publication.

The Gatekeeper: Status 100% completed. A Lovecraftian horror short story of about 4,300 words. Can be read from my stories page!

The Sound of the Dark: Stand-alone horror novel. Planning phase, early brainstorming and rough plot outline. Consulting with a technical advisor. Cover art photos have been taken. Writing will commence upon completion of Convergence Book 3.

Other Projects:
+Revising Torn Apart to adjust some of the technical writing aspects.