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Torn Apart has been entered into this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards from The Kindle Book Review! If you enjoyed Torn Apart and would like to support Your Humble Author – J.M. Riddles, please spare a minute of your time to head over to The Kindle Book Review.

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Voting is easy! All you have to do is simply scroll to the bottom of the page and post a single comment saying “Torn Apart by J.M. Riddles,” and you’ll be eligible to enter a raffle to win an 8″ Kindle Fire, a $25 Amazon eGift Card, and a cute mug! It shouldn’t take a moment of your time, and I would greatly appreciate your support!

Thank you so much to all of my readers who have encouraged and supported me as I’ve worked to complete the Convergence Series.

*NEW SHORT STORY* – The Hole (horror/suspense)


Woke up around 4 am from a nightmare, couldn’t go back to sleep, so I spent the past 4 hours writing a short story inspired by said nightmare. This is a horror/suspense. Don’t read it if you have anxiety…it uh…it might not help with that.

The Hole

The Hole (Short Story – Complete)
Genre: Survival Horror, Suspense

No monsters.
No paranormal.
No violence.
Just terror.

WARNING: I would not recommend reading this story if you are easily subject to fits of anxiety.

Read on Wattpad, FictionPress, or AO3.

Interview on the Focus of Fantasy Romance Podcast

Thank you to Elle, Paulina, and AR, for interviewing me on their podcast; Focus on Fantasy Romance. Comment with a question on their blog post for a chance to win a free ebook copy of Torn Apart!

Episode 062: Interview with J.M. Riddles

Write Every Day…or Not


One piece of advice directed towards aspiring writers that drives me nuts is; “write every day.” If you’re a writer who follows other writers, you can’t escape Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest without seeing those lovely inspirational quotes and memes that are constantly touting this same sentiment over and over again. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this, but this is why I think “write every day” is bullshit.

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